Did someone knows where the processing cart is?

I like sucking on it.

There's not enough room, I can't fit; I can only give about 10 inches.

Please help me. I've never had to take a shit so badly in my life.

Don't perpetuate the stupidity.

Don't cross the streams, I learned that from Ghostbusters.

I'm just going to slip it into my mouth...

It's never okayto drug a baby.

No matter where you put it, it keeps making maps.

The Amish are coming.

I was the bottom, there was nowhere else for it to go

but they only do hardcore peircings, no studs. so i went to claire's

I need to get some work done.

I have to piss so bad that I cant piss.

You mean G as in Jose'?

It's funny, because you slid it in.

My boner rendered you speechless.

I can eat it off of the desk with my mouth, if you prefer.

At this point, the soup is under control.

Potentially problematic, but technically possible.

CRACK! ...Oh god! I can't use that as a joke anymore, can I? Sorry! But seriously, I'm sober.

Sorry for being late, I got caught in a fax machine.

Stop poking each other!" "That's what the prison guard said.

He must have been a drug dealer! He held the door open for me.

Quoted Coworkers