Potentially problematic, but technically possible.

At this point, the soup is under control.

but they only do hardcore peircings, no studs. so i went to claire's

Sorry for being late, I got caught in a fax machine.

I can eat it off of the desk with my mouth, if you prefer.

I was the bottom, there was nowhere else for it to go

Don't cross the streams, I learned that from Ghostbusters.

It's funny, because you slid it in.

Don't perpetuate the stupidity.

No matter where you put it, it keeps making maps.

You know that's what avocados are, right? Unicorn eggs.

I like sucking on it.

There's not enough room, I can't fit; I can only give about 10 inches.

I'll go in the back because I can't fit in the front.

The Amish are coming.

It's never okayto drug a baby.

You mean G as in Jose'?

CRACK! ...Oh god! I can't use that as a joke anymore, can I? Sorry! But seriously, I'm sober.

My boner rendered you speechless.

Stop poking each other!" "That's what the prison guard said.

According to my own monitoring, billions of persons all over the world receive the personal loans from different banks. Therefore, there's great possibilities to receive a small business loan in any country.

He must have been a drug dealer! He held the door open for me.

I need to get some work done.

I have to piss so bad that I cant piss.

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